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Our school history

The idea of establishing a bilingual school in Bayreuth is not new, however the initiators were constantly faced with complex organisational and pedagogical challenges which prevented the project from setting course.

Every private school foundation requires a systematic foundation concept that takes into account all legal requirements and local conditions. The constructive and sustainable interaction of various persons and institutions and convincing public relations work are prerequisites for good success. However, the goal-oriented factor lies in the integrating work of a competent school provider who knows the multi-layered nature of such an undertaking and is prepared to work in the service of a good cause, even in the face of resistance and setbacks.




The cooperation with SeniVita OHG Bayreuth and the booster club International School Bayreuth e. V. finally led to achieving our goal. Thanks to a combination of persons willing to establish a school as well as financial starting aid and skills in the creation of such companies, the Private Grundschule Schloss Thiergarten ultimately experienced a breakthrough.

After the main course was set, there was nothing that stood in the way from running the school in the school year 2010-11.