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11.April 08:25 Age: 2 yrs

Phylosophy course

at 3:30pm

Philosophy Kids - The Thinking-Workshop - this will be the working title of our new afternoon course which we will offer from Wednesday, April 11th on.

We will search for answers to well-chosen topics. We will exchange our thoughts with others, find answers to questions and let new questions emerge. In short: we philosophize!


The course teacher is our colleague Sieglinde Sommer (pre-school teacher, relaxation educator, moderator of philosophical discussions with children).


The workshop will presumably be offered twice a month, on Wednesdays, 3.30 – 5 pm. One date will be planned for the younger students (grades 1 and 2), the other date will be offered for the older students (grades 3 and 4). If your child already attends another course on Wednesday, he or she is welcome to visit the Philosophy course once a month.









In order to ensure an effective learning atmosphere in the group, the maximum of participants is limited to 10 children for each course. If interested, please let your child be registered soon. You are of course also welcome to contact Ms Erath (erath.sThouShalltNotSpamMe(at)dr-wiesent.de) or Mrs Sommer for further Information.