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15.January 13:02 Age: 182 days

Ski course

from 15-19 January 2024

Info for the children participating in the ski course from 15-19 January 2024  

Dear parents,

Here are some details for the ski week taking place from January 15th to 19th, 2024:

During the ski week, the students will not have any homework.

Starting Monday, the school bags for the skiing students will stay at school. Please ensure that the children bring the necessary materials to school on Monday.

The ski course for beginners will be in Neubau (Fichtelberg), and for the advanced participants, it will be in Bischofsgrün. There will be enough supervisors from the school team for both ski groups on-site.

On Monday, the students will receive the ordered equipment at the ski school. On this day, all students will still be in Bischofsgrün, and there will be no separation of groups. The ski instructors will assess all students’ skiing skills.

From Tuesday onward, the students will be separated.

All beginner students (those being taught in Neubau) must bring their complete equipment (helmet, ski boots + skis) to school every day. The equipment can be stored in the domed hall.

For advanced students: Skis and ski poles will remain in Bischofsgrün until the next day. Helmets and ski boots should be brought back to the school.

In the bus, all students should wear their winter boots! Please practice putting on and taking off the boots with your child.

Please return the rented equipment personally to the ski school on Friday after the race.

The equipment will be personalized and assigned to each child. Unfortunately, we will have to bill parents for any equipment not returned.

The final race will take place on Friday, January 19, 2024, for all ski children in Bischofsgrün. We will inform you of the exact time, as all parents are cordially invited to this race.

Please provide your child with a small backpack containing a drink and a snack so they can refresh themselves on-site. There is no opportunity to purchase anything there. Lunch and the morning break will proceed as usual.



Lift fees:

Beginner students initially do not need lift money.

Advanced students, please have your child bring €15.00 lift money on Monday. Your child will be informed by the ski instructors about which lift will be used the following day. Please give your child the daily lift money in cash.

Lift fees are as follows:

• 10-ride pass: €28.00 (which can be shared, for example, between two children) • Afternoon pass: €14.00. Students can take an unlimited number of rides with this pass. (This may be worthwhile for skilled skiers starting the 2nd day)

For good skiers, it may well happen that they take the lift more than five times in one afternoon.

The students can change into their skiing attire either at the school or at home. Please make sure that a dry snow outfit (snow pants, waterproof gloves (not made of wool!), scarf) and dry ski boots are provided every day.

If you wish to pick up your child on Friday after the award ceremony in Bischofsgrün, please inform our office by 9 am and personally register your child with Mrs. Heinz so that we can note it in the attendance list. Otherwise, we will be desperately looking for your child!

Please note that we cannot assume any liability for private transportation.

Here is the address if you would like to attend the final race of the children:

Fröbershammer 46

95493 Bischofsgrün

Talstation Nord / Ochsenkopf

Skischule Nordbayern KG / Schneesportschule Nordbayern

We are all looking forward to this week and hope that all students will enjoy the course.

For students not participating in the ski course, school ends at 2 pm. Afternoon care will be provided as usual. Afternoon courses are canceled.

Best regards,


Sabine Heinz

Private School Principal