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After school care

The afternoon care begins at 2pm and ends at 5pm. Our afternoon activities cover programs that have been selected by our parents.

Theater Group

In our theater group we combine creative movement plays, group and voice practices with some acting techniques and work with hand puppets, masks and our own body. Your child can discover his or her own feeling for the body as well as develop his or her creativity and game imaginations. For school festivals, we prepare little theatre plays.

Yoga Course

The yoga lesson starts with movement plays and dancing. After that, almost every muscle and ligament is stretched and warmed up during the “sun greetings”. During the different “asanas” (postures), the body perception and concentration are trained. While relaxing, the children go on fantasy trips.

Spanish Course

In the Spanish course, the children learn first Spanish words and sentences, partly through games and partly with working material. In the course for advanced learners, the gained knowledge is also stabilized through vocabulary and grammar practices and the conversation in the group.

Chess Course

If your child is interested in chess, he or she can start learning it in the chess course. For children who already have some knowledge in playing chess, training tasks are offered. At the end of every course section, so called “chess diplomas” can be gained.

English Course

In the English course, the children can develop and secure their knowledge through vocabulary and grammar games, doing handicrafts, singing, reading and the communication in the group. If the weather is fine, the outdoor area is also used.

German Support Course

The German support course offers the opportunity to practice the spelling, to train the correct usage of the grammar and to close knowledge gaps. Moreover, the children write essays and practice the pronunciation.

Individual Music Lessons

The music school Cervenec offers individual music lessons (e.g. piano,flute,...) at our school. For more information, please contact Ms. Erath, who is responsible for the afternoon courses.


Our Skateboarding course offers a lot of variety, lifts motor functions and supports the sence of balance.

Art course

In the art course the children can produce small art work and do handicrafts with different materials (like colored paper, felt, wool, wood) and draw and paint fantasy pictures. The topics follow the seasons and different festivals of the year.

Sound Karate

This course gives the children the opportunity to learn first movements combined with music. The lessons are structured in three sequences: Fitness and self-defence, training with a partner and basic techniques & music/beat.



Bouldering is very similar to free climbing in nature with the difference that we are independent of weather conditions, because our bouldering course takes place indoors.
We climb in the climbing hall of the Fitness Center Well&Fit. The gym has a large climbing gym and a bouldering gym.
Our students are shuttled from school to the bouldering gym and are picked up right there by their parents after class.
In the bouldering hall, the students climb at jumping height and thus feel their way safely to climbing, and should someone have to jump off, the landing is cushioned by a thick foam mat.
Climbing is done on trails, which are displayed in different colors and are built up in different degrees of difficulty.
Bouldering improves coordination, endurance, and also physical strength, since the goal is, of course, to climb a trail to the top in one go. Furthermore, the fear of climbing at heights is taken away.
We support each other in climbing. So it is possible to have beginners, advanced and professionals in one course.
In our course teamwork is very important!
At the end of our climbing we talk again about the newly learned and end the hour with a short climbing game.

Horseback riding


Here, our interested students receive riding lessons at the Riding Stable Eisenmann & Pony Farm Karolinenhöhe (Fürsetzer Straße 64). The children can expect a fascinating time and a lot of fun with ponies and horses in a pleasing environment. The children will be transported to the pony farm by bus.

Relaxation course

In an atmosphere of respect and based on the fundamentals of classic muscle relaxation techniques according to Jacobson and autogenous training, the children will experience a pleasant effect of movement and relaxation. Here, different exercises help to better the perception of the body and body awareness.