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Our school concept

We respect our children's individuality within their developing personalities and encounter all of their differences with unconditional tolerance.

We take account of their individual talents and skills, and offer the children the highest possible support so that they can fully unfold.

We support a cosmopolitan view of the world and social competencies as well as the intellectual and social development of our children, including mobility and flexibility.

We recognize and reflect our function as a role model in the educational process and critically question our education goals and means to achieving them.

We practice civilized forms of teamwork, justice and fairness in terms of interacting with colleagues, and consistently respect better arguments when achieving our education goals, independent of hierarchies and personal relationships.

We consistently cultivate a healthy near–distant balance in our role as pedagogical influencers and in respect the individual needs of our children to ensure their well-being.

We give transparency to our pedagogical actions and act according to our responsibilities towards parents and society.