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What makes us unique

Who we are:
We are a private elementary school, which is open for all children, both the students of the city and region of Bayreuth as well as international students, who move to Bayreuth and its surrounding area with their parents for a certain or longer time.

Who we are not:
We are not a school for an elite social class that is only intended for parents with an above-average income.  This contradicts our philosophy to use our educational frameworks to enable the best opportunity for each child in order to meet the later professional and social requirements.

Although our school has to finance itself, among other things, over school fees, we are still able to reduce these school fees in individual and verifiable cases or even fully waive it. No child should be excluded right from the start.

What additionally makes us unique:

Even as a certified Cambridge school with international standards, we fully comply with the Bavarian Elementary School Curriculum. Our elementary school students are in no way inferior to students of a public school.  On the contrary, incentives from the international elementary school curriculum with the Cambridge University additionally enrich our learning topics. Our students are taught on a technical, factual and educational high level - with the meaningful use of modern means of communication.

The internationality of a class composition affects our elementary school students very conductive in their development. The children learn culturally, linguistically and socially from each other and thus have the best preparation to find their place in our interconnected world.

The concept of teaching in both German and English has proven itself for years and is always didactically adapted to new experiences.

Our foreign students learn the German language (almost incidentally) and our German students, after four years, reach a level of English with which they can communicate at any time.

Learning is fun and makes friends:

Our children have the opportunity after lessons to do their homework in one of our afternoon groups from Monday to Friday under supervision and/or choose between our various offers from remedial teaching to recreation offers. This brings our children closer together and creates valuable friendships. After a well-structured day, the children return satisfied and happy to their parental home.   

  • Bilingual lessons German/Englisch
  • English lessons from 1st grade on
  • Teaching according to the Bavarian Curriculum
  • Certified by the Cambridge University
  • Transfer to all German and international schools without any problems
  • Young, highly qualified and motivated team
  • Small classes
  • Individual remedial teaching
  • Excellent equipment with different materials
  • Rhythmic school life with enough exercise breaks
  • No canceled lessons
  • Healthy lunch
  • Homework supervision
  • Afternoon care with diverse courses and childcare offers